Senior-IT™ is a Program developed with Seniors for Seniors

Our custom designed Senior-IT™ Program delivers outcome based learning to provide Seniors with skills to help them learn how technology can open up their lives.  We also provide mentoring support, access to our learning tools and our experts provide ongoing support.

Senior-IT is a training approach designed with input from Seniors for Seniors; we held multiple focus groups across the Country, piloted a robust iPad training program and have our own ongoing Research and Development department (thanks to the Seniors in our lives).

Here’s the Secret :- Technology isn’t about the device… it is about empowering people to reach people and places in a virtual way, opening up their world.

For Seniors that did not grow up in this digital world technology can be unfamiliar, but learning new technology skills can help reduce feelings of isolation and as an added bonus studies show that playing games can keep the brain active.

Many computer classes that are labeled for Seniors are taught for the tech savvy generation and we wanted to make a difference so we went on the road, engaged our test audience and developed a customized multi-layered program to help older adults incorporate technology into their lives.  We train individuals, groups as well as those that work with Seniors to offer the best in class programming that is out there.  Training is interactive and will include a step by step Playbook Guide for future training to ensure sustainability of the program.

What do we cover?

Some of the skills you can Learn:

  • Connecting with friends and family with FaceTime or Skype
  • How to use Email
  • Using FaceBook
  • How and where to find information on the Internet
  • Taking, storing and sharing pictures
  • Navigating settings and how to use them to adapt your device
  • iPad basics
  • Basics of using a computer
  • How recognize computer scams and avoid them
  • Games and puzzles
  • What’s an App and which are the most popular for Seniors


The Stone Group has also partnered with not for profits to provide customized training and support to offer targeted applications on iPads to Seniors living with dementia that areattending Adult Day Programs.