You wouldn’t hire someone that is not qualified for the job but do you have employees that have become not qualified due to changing process, technology or programs?

Implementing a new process, program or software?

Let’s be honest, Training programs have an easily measured initial cost of time and money and therefore when budgets are tight this is where organizations cut costs.  However,  the statistics out there prove that when training is not done properly the added costs of poorly trained staff mean reduced productivity, reduced profit and increase in waste.

Make Learning interactive for your Corporate Training Programs

Interactive and targeted training improves production, increases productivity,  reduces errors and valuable time spent correcting them.

We create programs that help you build confidence, create a productive environment and make the right investment in your employees and your organization.  And more importantly create materials that will be used for new employees and ensure sustainability of results.

We work with you to understand your training goals and create interactive training on processes and technology to ensure you get the most out of your training time.

The difference is we create customizable, interactive training from the Users perspective to enable  your employees to not only understand the material but use it to enable operational excellence and get results.

We do this by partnering with our clients to transfer knowledge, build capabilities, and engage people so that future changes will be led by their employees.

What’s Our Difference

  • We realized that most of the training we were personally involved in did not engage us as learners at all and were static and boring so we created a new model
  • Many courses that are described as interactive are actually just videos or prepackaged PowerPoints that leave the learners disappointed and frustrated
  • Our programs are designed by our Lean Black Belt expert and our Certified Teacher who are both specialists in Process Improvement, Project Management, Education and providing creating training tools that once learned can be immediately used in practice
  • Learning by doing – utilizing high retention participatory teaching methods that enable you to immediately implement what you have learned
  • Programs are delivered with VR (Virtual Reality) Technology, interactive videos, practical activities, engaging presentations and custom built SCG IOS Apps to engage the audience and make learning fun
  • Participants leave with a clear understanding of the subject, helpful handouts and user friendly templates designed for day to day problem solving in the workplace


Your time is too valuable to spend classroom time or online time

It is a practical, interactive and fun approach to ensure participants learn the Lean tools across all functional groups and training is designed to facilitate culture change by engaging and empowering staff which is done through “learning by doing”.

The more engaging the content, the better your people learn.

In a corporate environment, your learners can practice with actual scenarios that are relative to your business

 We create customized content based on your organization’s needs

  • Deliver outcome based learning to provide employees with skills
  • we show you how to use the tools to make a difference in your operations


We have created training for projects across Canada specializing in healthcare, scheduling software, large scale technology implementations, Lean Process Improvement and finance processes.