A Program developed with Seniors for Seniors


Our custom designed Senior-iT Program provides Seniors with the skills to help them discover how technology can open up their lives.

Some of the skills you can learn:

  • Connecting with friends and family with FaceTime or Skype
  • How to use Email
  • Using FaceBook
  • How and where to find information on the Internet
  • Taking, storing, and sharing pictures
  • Navigating settings and how to use them to adapt your device
  • iPad basics
  • Basics of using a computer
  • How recognize computer scams and avoid them
  • Games and puzzles
  • What’s an App and which are the most popular for Seniors

Here’s the Secret…

Technology isn’t about the device… it is about empowering people to reach people and places in a virtual way—opening up their world.

For Seniors who did not grow up in this digital world, technology can be unfamiliar, but learning new technology skills can help reduce feelings of isolation, and, as an added bonus, studies show that playing games can keep the brain active.


THE STONE GROUP has partnered with not-for-profits to provide customized training with iPad applications for Seniors living with dementias who are attending Adult Day Programs.


Tell us how Senior-iT can help empower the seniors in your life.